Life at Berkley Post-Acute

You Matter to Us

Join Our Berkley Post-Acute Family

At Berkley Post-Acute, we consider ourselves one big family. Our dedication to our residents shines through our words, actions, and personal care approach.

When new residents are admitted into our facility, they and their family members meet one-on-one with a facility representative to discuss expectations, needs, and concerns. With the help of our rehab, nursing, and dietary teams, we create a customized treatment plan that will produce the most positive results for each resident.

Our registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants are available 24/7 to assist our residents. It is their goal to deliver impeccable care to all patients.

Life Tastes Good at Berkley Post-Acute

Nutrition is crucial in the recovery process. That is why we emphasize the importance of balanced meals at Berkeley Post-Acute Rehab.

Our dietary team creates an incredible dining experience for the residents by providing them with home-cooked meals ranging from hearty, vegetable soup to a crisp, green salad, to grilled chicken breasts glazed in lemon. Alternate dishes will be available per request of the resident.

If residents prefer, they may eat in the comfort of their bedrooms.

In addition to our three meal times, we provide snacks and beverages to our residents throughout the day.

Never Too Old to Enjoy Life

Our activities department team understands that the best type of therapy is doing what you love with the people that you love. That is why they create a safe environment that promotes social interaction while allowing residents to pursue their passions.

We hold regular council meetings for residents to share their opinions and plan future activities. We invite all resident family members to participate.

Once an activity is chosen, our activities director works closely with the activity staff to plan the event. Below are some of the activities our department holds regularly:

Card Games

Board Games

Arts and Crafts

Television Shows

Friday Afternoon Socials

Weekly Outings

Weekly Entertainment

Birthday Singing Grams

Holiday Parties and Festivities

*Each resident has unique limitations—some more severe than others. To combat these limitations, we break our residents into groups based on their level of ability. This ensures that all residents can interact with others and develop new hobbies without exceeding their comfort level.